Loading - Unloading

Safe transport of goods and cargo

We are based in Corinth, and provide services throughout Greece! We provide specialised transport services to our customers, and we can undertake even the most difficult cases that require special handling! We always operate in accordance with European standards.

At BOZIKIS SA we have been specialising for 20 years in bulk loads that require special handling for haulage. With impeccable professionalism, knowledge and experience, we undertake to load and unload ships carrying bulk or packaged cargo consignments, with delivery to the consignee.

As well as the port of Corinth, our company has also become established as one of the most reliable options for loading and unloading ships in the ports at Nafplio, Kalamata and Kiato, and in all the ports in the Peloponnese!

  • We have all the certificates necessary to provide loading and unloading services in public and private ports.
  • We have invested in modern and fast loading and unloading machinery, after all this is one of the main specialist services we provide.
  • Our specialised and experienced staff can undertake and carry out any kind of project, no matter how complex. We provide a service which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Contact BOZIKIS SA, in Corinth, for loading and unloading services for heavy objects and cargo – either bulk or packaged.

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