Lifting Machinery – Forklift trucks

Safe transport of heavy loads!

We are based in Corinth, and provide services throughout Greece! We provide specialised transport services to our customers, and we can take on even the most difficult projects that require special handling! We always operate in accordance with European standards.

At BOZIKIS SA we have lifting machinery and forklift trucks so we can safely transport heavy objects and special loads. Our state-of-the-art fleet and our many years of experience mean that we can undertake high-altitude and heavy operations.

Our company has:

  • lifting machinery
  • telescopic cranes
  • loader cranes
  • trailers

With our modern equipment, expertise and excellently trained staff, we guarantee to carry out all the work we undertake perfectly. When we are working on projects we lift loads safely, speedily and reliably!

At BOZIKIS SA we tow large loads and lift heavy objects, such as: wind turbines, generators, factory equipment, statues, special machinery, yachts, silos, containers, prefabricated houses.

You can trust us with the most demanding lifting work!

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